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Checking OCD

What is Checking OCD?

Checking OCD is a type of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) characterized by an excessive need to check and recheck certain household items such as locks, doors, garage doors, fireplace, stove, and windows, even themselves or others. Checking OCD can also manifest in other areas of someone’s life, like reading, writing emails, and checking the safety of others and more. It is also not uncommon for individual to also feel like thy need to check something perfectly or have to check something until if feels “just right” before moving forward.

These checking behaviors will get worse overtime. The more you check, the more you doubt and it’s never enough. This type of OCD can be very distressing and interfere with the sufferers ability to function in their daily lives.

Common Obsessions (fears or doubts)

  • Fear of accidently leaving the stove or oven on
  • Leaving doors or windows unlocked
  • Leaving the water facets on
  • Losing one’s personal items
  • Making a mistake on an email or text message
  • Saying the wrong thing

Common Compulsions (safety behaviors)

  • Repeatedly checking one’s lights, stove, water faucets, or appliances to ensure they are off
  • Checking locks, in the home, car, windows
  • Repeatedly reassuring themselves or receiving reassurance from others about their fears
  • Checking on children to make sure they are alright
  • Asking others to check for them
  • Making sure they have personal items
  • Checking to make sure they haven’t said something wrong

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