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Homosexual OCD (hOCD)

What is Homosexual OCD – hOCD?

Homosexual OCD, also known as hOCD, is the fear of being gay or lesbian, or persistently questioning one’s sexual identity. Often times these individuals will get flooded with intrusive thoughts or images (obsessions) about the same sex. These thoughts, mental images, or fears (obsessions) can even be sexual in nature. These obsessions can even happen with friends, coworkers, or acquaintances. These intrusive thoughts can be extremely overwhelming to those suffering from hOCD and can cause them to question their sexual identity even if they are married, have children, or are in a happy and committed relationship.

Common Obsessions (fears and doubts)

  • Fear you are attracted to the same sex
  • The fear that you may be in denial of your attractions and sexual orientation
  • The fear of becoming an orientation that is not your own
  • The fear of others thinking you are another orientation than you are
  • Fear that your sexual thoughts will disrupt your sexual performance
  • Difficulty with sexual performance that is further evidence your orientation may be      different or is changing.

Common Compulsions (safety behaviors)

  • Avoiding triggering social situations
  • Constant reassurance about ones sexual orientation
  • Checking to see if you are attracted to the opposite sex, checking arousal
  • Avoiding the gender that causes you anxiety or makes you doubt your sexuality
  • Avoiding physical contact with others

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