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Existential OCD

Existential / Philosophical OCD

Existential/Philosophical OCD is not as common as other subtypes of OCD. Often times, individuals suffering from this form of OCD are constantly ruminating (mentally analyzing) existential or philosophical fears, which cannot be answered. These questions often revolve around meaning, purpose, reality of life, and even of their own existence. Many of us at one time or another may ask Philosophical questions about life, however for someone with this type of OCD these questions can become all consuming.

Common Obsessions (fears and doubts)

  • Questions about the meaning of life, and the universe
  • Questions about the nature of existence or the nature of God
  • Trying to understand why we are here, and our purpose
  • Questioning if the world, loved ones, or even if they are real

Common Compulsions (safety behaviors)

  • Researching
  • Asking others for reassurance
  • Continual analyzing and ruminating trying to find answers to their questions

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